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April 07, 2018

Discovery Summit

For the 2018 Georgetown Discovery Summit, our students had the privilege of getting a hands-on experience as they learned about GU’s math and science departments. From dissecting frogs inside a Regents lab to grabbing a bite alongside the Georgetown undergraduates at Leo O’Donovan Hall, our students got a feel for what to expect as a STEM major in college.

Throughout the Discovery Summit, Georgetown undergraduate students led a series of engaging and informative activities. Our 9th and 12th-grade students  were exposed to an array of STEM-related topics including lab etiquette, coding, conducting experiments, and the importance of these studying these topics. The highlight of many of our students day was performing live experiments such as dissecting frogs and creating chemical reactions. This fun, yet enriching, day ended with mock lectures from two of Georgetown’s prestigious science professors. Although rigorous and challenging, our young scientists took initiative and rose to the challenge, proving to themselves that they have what it takes to thrive in the current most demanding professions.

students dissecting a frog
students dissecting a frog

March 17, 2018

Shadow Day 2018

k2c students in front of Healy Hall

When a group of 25 Sousa Middle School students entered the Georgetown Black House, they were surprised to see a rather familiar scene in an unexpected setting: a student getting a haircut.  Kamar, a junior at GU, was hosting a barbershop for students on campus. Intrigued, the Sousa students began to ask Kamar a barrage of questions, including what the Black House was, his thoughts on his Georgetown experience, if bullying was a problem on college campuses, and the importance of internships.

As Kamar explained, the Black House is a space devoted to implementing programs and fostering diversity and community for students of color on campus. Kamar went on to discuss the benefits of higher education, and the importance of taking school seriously—even in middle school.  

In total, roughly 100 students from Sousa Middle School and Kelly Miller Middle School were able to visit Georgetown on March 16th for Shadow Day 2018! Guests cycled between the Intercultural Center, White-Gravenor Hall, Thompson Center, and Yates Field House, among others, to learn about the various departments on campus and how they support Georgetown students. As students, faculty, and staff members of the Georgetown community hosted workshops, tours, and demonstrations, Kelly Miller and Sousa Middle School students learned everything from how to be a successful student-athlete, to tips on how to live with others in residence halls.

Our Shadow Day participants will be invited to enroll in our ICP program to join our new 7th-grade cohort Spring 2019. CMEA Pre-College Programs thanks participants from Georgetown and partner schools who helped make this day a success!

students standing in front of Jack the Bulldog'
students taking a tour of healy hall

February 16, 2018

 Kids2College at Kelly Miller and Sousa

Facilitators posing outside of Kelly Miller Middle School

This Spring, a select group of  Georgetown University undergraduate student volunteers took a break from their busy schedules to make weekly trips across town.   As participants in the nationwide Kids2College (K2C) program, the Georgetown volunteers left the hilltop and visited Kelly Miller Middle School and John P. Sousa Middle School to engage with local middle school students about college preparation.

Kids2College, a Sallie Mae Funded early college awareness program, is part of a national effort to increase college access and success for underrepresented communities.  Each year, Georgetown’s Center for Multicultural Equity and Access (CMEA) partners with middle schools in Ward 7, and Georgetown students meet and mentor students from the D.C. community.

k2c facilitators engaged in the activity "link" with students

During the first K2C session, Georgetown volunteers introduced themselves and shared stories about their personal growth and development since their days in middle school.  Volunteers talked about the communities they grew up in, explained why they chose to attend college, why they chose Georgetown University. Georgetown volunteers were able to learn students’ names, interests, and hobbies through fun activities,  including an icebreaker called “link.” 

By the last session (nearly six weeks later), Georgetown volunteers were able to educate students about various post-secondary education options, possible careers available after college, how to choose the right education path, and most importantly ways to pay for college!

The final session of the K2C program is the culminating event: Shadow Day!  Students will be able to visit Georgetown University, and speak with students, faculty, and staff about the college experience, while also getting to experience it on their own!

Read our next blog for more information on Shadow Day!

For more information about Kids2College, please contact the Institute for College Preparation at collegeprep@georgetown.edu or (202) 687-0894.