Prospective Students

Eligibility Requirements for New ICP Scholars

In order to be eligible to participate in the  Institute for College Preparation, students must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Students must attend targeted DCPS schools in Ward 7 and be a potential first-generation college student. (For 2016, the target schools are Kelly Miller Middle School, Sousa Middle School, and Cesar Chavez).
  • Students must be a sibling of a current or former ICP Scholar.

The Institute for College Preparation makes every effort to include as many eligible students as space permits. ICP reserves the right to make final decisions about registration. Priority will be given to:

  • Students who show potential for improved academic performance;
  • Students who, along with their families, display a sincere commitment to working with ICP throughout secondary school.

If you currently are, have, or know of a student who meets the Eligibility Requirements above, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us at 202.687.0894 or email/fax/mail a Prospective Student Interest Form to us and we will contact the student’s family for further conversation.

How to Register for Fall 2018 Once You Submitted a Prospective Interest Form and You Were Contacted by ICP:


  1. Download the ICP Prospective Student Registration Packet
  2. Complete the ICP Prospective Student Registration Packet
  3. Once completed, please return the Registration Packet to ICP via mail, email, or fax (submissions instructions listed on page 1 of the Registration Packet)

In School

  1. Registration Packets may be picked up at “Back to School Night” or in the main office of targeted Ward 7 DCPS middle schools (Kelly Miller Middle School and Sousa Middle School)
  2. After completing the application, return it to the selected administrators at the targeted Ward 7 DCPS School your child attends.
  • Kelly Miller Middle School: Assistant Principal Mr. Vereen
  • Sousa Middle School: Assistant Principal Ms. Aldridge

Request an Application:
To request an application to be sent to you via email or postal mail, call the ICP main line at 202-687-0894.

Note: An invite to 7th Grade Family Welcome Day and/or submission of a New Student Registration Packet does not guarantee admittance into the ICP Program. Each completed registration packet will be reviewed to determine eligibility and whether ICP is the appropriate program for your student’s pre-college needs. Admissions decisions will be mailed.

Parents and Guardians

Throughout the whole program, ICP staff members foster intensive school and family collaboration. Parents or guardians of an ICP Scholar may attend monthly meetings where program staff and resource specialists from Georgetown lead discussions about college selection and applying for financial aid. Additional parent components may include stress management, financial literacy, and how to provide a supportive study environment at home. Intense family engagement enables staff to help address non-academic issues that have the potential to become barriers to learning and college access.